Your home is your castle, but it’s hard to feel safe when the walls that are supposed to protect you are in disrepair. Though you would like nothing more than to make the necessary repairs, the cost of home improvement can be astronomical. Sure, you could take out a loan, but in order to borrow money, you’ll need to have great credit; plus, you have to pay the money back – with interest – and in a timely manner; which is why, for many people, home improvement loans aren’t a possibility.

If money you’ve been putting off repairs that would make your home more comfortable, efficient, and safer because you just don’t have the funds and a loan isn’t a possibility, there is a way that you can repair your home without breaking the bank; in fact, there’s a way you can get free money to fix up your house. How? – With government-sponsored home repair grants.

What is a Free Money Repair Grant for Homes?

Essentially, a grant is free money that federal, state, and local governments offer for those who are in need of financial assistance. The money is free because it doesn’t have to be paid back. There are various types of grants available that can be used to pay for many different things, from a college education to opening a small business; and the monies must be used to pay for whatever the grant is intended for. In the case of home repair assistance programs, recipients must use the money they are awarded to make improvements to their residential properties.

Applying for Home Repair Grants

There are several home repair grants available. To find out what options are available to you, contact the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office in your local area. HUD officials will tell you which home improvement grants are available in your local area.

Another resource for home repair grants is the National Residential Improvement Association, or the NRIA. You will need to answer a list of questions in order to see what type of grants you are eligible for.

Eligibility for Home Improvement Grants

In order to receive funding from a home repair grant, applicants must meet a certain criteria, and the list of criteria is usually pretty stringent; but, if you do qualify, you can receive the funding that you need to fix up your home. The criteria varies from grant to grant; for example, you’ll likely have to show that there is a financial need for the grant, and the property will likely have to be your primary residence. For instance, grants usually aren’t awarded to people who are using the monies to make repairs to a property that they are going to turn around and sell. Some grants may not be used to make cosmetic repairs, either; they can only be used to make repairs that will improve safety hazards.

Your local HUD or NRIA office will let you know the criteria for the grant that you are eligible for.


Making your home safer and more habitable may be possible, thanks to government-funded home repair grants