Free Money for Disabled People

If you are disabled – whether you are bound to a wheelchair, hearing impaired, have an acquired brain injury, or suffer from any other type of disability – life is hard enough without having to worry about financial hardship. Unfortunately though, as a disabled person, financial issues likely are serious concern for you. The cost of the medical care and all of the other assistance that you require, which may be coupled with the inability to secure a job that pays a living wage, can cause serious economic strain.

Unfortunately, countless disabled persons are all too familiar with financial burden. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who cannot purchase a home, start a business, attend college, or realize any other needs or dreams that you may have because of monetary difficulties, take comfort in knowing that there is help. Thanks to Government Disability Grants, you may be able to secure the funding that you need to pay for your dream home, start up a small business, earn your college degree, and even pay for your medical care – and so much more!  The federal government has reserved hundreds of millions of dollars for grants for disabled people.

What is a Grant?

A grant is money that is awarded by the federal government and that money does not have to be repaid. In order to receive a grant, you do have to meet specific requirements; for example, in the case of the disabled, you will have to verify your disability and the financial hardship that it has caused. You will also have to prove that there is a financial need for the funding that you are applying for. Depending on the type of grant you are applying for, there may be other requirements, too.

If you meet the requirements for the grants you are applying for, the federal government will provide you with money. As mentioned, the money that you receive through a federal grant does not have to be repaid.

Where to Find Federal Grants for the Disabled

There are several types of grants for disabled; some of the options including housing, medical care, college, and small business grants. If you are suffering from a disability and are interested in applying for a federal grant, there are a number of resources that you can use to locate opportunities. Some of the most useful resources include:

This website provides a wealth of information about grants for the disabled. You can search through dozens of grant opportunities, find out about requirements, and even fill out applications right form this site.


This online tool from the Department of Health and Human Services Office also provides tons of information about the various grant opportunities that are available for the disabled.


The Office of Acquisitions and Grants also offers a great deal of information about grant for disabled individuals.

If you are disabled, federal grants can help to ease some of your financial burden.